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CPE Bertrange Mamer – back to school 2014/2015

by Gregor Prajs on 30/08/2014

Dear parents,

The new school year is quickly approaching. Please find enclosed a brochure with some useful information about the Interinstitutional children’s centre (CPE) in Bertrange/Mamer. We open our doors on Tuesday, 2 September 2014 for the new school year.

We would like to inform you that Mrs Lenka Nýdrlová, head of the CPE Bertrange/Mamer will be back as of 1 September.

We are happy to announce that as of this school year the forms for the shuttle and the authorisation to leave for a child in the primary section (extra-curricular activity, remedial classes or final exit) can be given with an electronic form available in e-KidReg. Please connect to your account in order to do the necessary. You can find more information in the enclosed “new in e-KidReg”.

We would like to invite you to personally meet your child’s educator when picking up your child at the CPE and to take up this opportunity to discuss any question regarding the “life in the group”. Any questions of administrative nature we would like to ask you to send to the following address: cpe@ec.europa.eu or to consult the website site of the CPE under the following link: http://myintracomm.ec.testa.eu/hr_admin/en/creches_lux/Pages/index.aspx.

Lunchtime meals will be served by the external service provider Eurest. Please enroll your child by returning the form received by mail to Eurest. This year prices for lunchtime meals are 4.90 EUR for the Garderie and 5.40 EUR for the Study Centre. This is applicable all year for children in primary section and during school holidays for in enrolled children of the secondary cycle.


Children who don’t go to school yet and children in the first year of maternelle school (MAT1) will be welcomed as of the 2nd September, from 08:00 onwards (please consult the lists displayed in the entrance hall for details of the groups). MAT1 children will be taken care of all day by the CPE until their first day at school. After class, our educators will pick up all nursery (maternelle) school children directly from their classroom and accompany them to the CPE. Please enroll them on the form available with the school teacher for this purpose.



After class, our educators will wait for the children in front of the primary building (under the shelter of the secondary school in the event of rain). During the first 2 weeks of the school year PRIM 1 and PRIM 2 children will be picked up directly in the classrooms.


Children will join their educator in the school canteen on short days or directly in their group room in the CPE on long days.

During the school year children of the secondary cycle will have their lunch at the European School. Please foresee the following for the first school days:

  • money on the canteen card for children already attending the secondary cycle
  • for children in the 1st secondary, Eurest will debit the amount for the meal eaten on the first day afterward, once the canteen card has been established.

Our educators will wear an orange security vest with “CPE” marked on it. Thus they are easily recognizable.

We are happy to welcome your child at the CPE in Bertrange/Mamer.

Kind regards,

The CPE administrative team

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