Satisfaction survey on the running of the Day nursery (Garderie) and the Study and Recreation Centre

by Gregor Prajs on 14/05/2014

Dear Parents,

 You may have participated in our last satisfaction survey on the running of the Day nursery (Garderie) and the Study and Recreation Centre, which took place in 2011. Your contributions were most useful for the continuous improvement of our childcare services.

 Today, and until 23 May 2014, you can again give us your opinion on several aspects of childcare services provided in the facility frequented by your child(ren): CPE 1 and/or 3 on Kirchberg or CPE 5 in Bertrange/Mamer, which opened its doors in September 2012.

 After clicking on the link below, it will take you no more than ten minutes to fill in our survey.

 We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 Marian O’LEARY

Head of Service

Office for Infrastructure and Logistics – Luxembourg

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agoraj May 15, 2014 at 7:31 am

Dear Colleagues,

The CPE contacted parents with their satisfaction survey – we are expected to tell what we think about the CPE services.

When you enter the questionnaire, you can see that we are about to choose among pre-defined responses:

Tres bien – bien – satisfaisant – insuffisant


Needless to say, the CPE will then interpret the survey in such a way that most parents are “at least satisfied with the CPE services”. This is a true objective of the survey.

The Association have contacted some CCPE members to draw their attention to it. The CCPE have not been consulted neither informed about the survey.

If we don’t want to be manipulated, we must react:
1. If we are not 100% satisfied, we tick “insuffisant”; also, we add as much as possible under comments
2. We contact our CCPE and CAS members (list attached) to inform them about this manipulation as soon as possible
3. We contact also our staff committees to let them know
4. We try to contact as many other parents as possible to warn them.

Thank you in advance

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