Note to the attention of Mrs O’Leary – CPE organisation during summer holidays

by Gregor Prajs on 11/03/2014

Dear Mrs O’Leary,

In summer 2013, the pupils and students from CPE-Kirchberg were transferred to CPE-Mamer during some refurbishment works at Kirchberg.

The parents association has informally been notified that such arrangements were about to be decided as usual and common practice for all summer holidays.

The responsible Head of Unit from OIL argued at the last CA-Lux meeting that the level of satisfaction was supposedly very high, while the parents association conducted an objective survey that demonstrated the opposite.

The parents association has taken the opportunity of the next CA-Lux meeting to inform the CA-Lux representatives about this rather worrying situation and some other more generic issues.

You will find the details in annex to this note and confirm our wish for a full and transparent cooperation with your services.

A delegation of representatives of the parents association is ready to meet you should you find it a way to improve the communication and transparency of the decisions to be taken, in the interest of the Institutions but also in the interest of the parents contributing to the system.

Yours faithfully,

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