EP Staff Committee’s plenary meeting of 10 and 11 March 2014

by Gregor Prajs on 14/03/2014

Closure of the Early Childhood Centre Kirchberg during summer holydays

Following discussion on this point, the administration of the European Parliament provide us with the following information:

Garderie and Study Centre management (children aged from 42 months to 14 years) falls within the competence of the European Commission and more specifically the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics Luxembourg (OIL), while the European Parliament manages Crèches for children aged from 3 to 42 months.

Although at present no decision to close Garderie and Study Centre Kirchberg has been taken by OIL, your Staff Committee remains vigilant as the will of closing a site in 2014 (Mamer or Kirchberg) is real, as was the case during the last holyday in 2013.

On the other hand, the administration of the European Parliament has just confirmed that there will be no closure of Crèches whether it is Kirchberg or Mamer/Bertrange.

In conclusion, the two Crèches in Luxembourg managed by the European Parliament will remain open and that regardless the decision taken by OIL

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