CPE organisation: closure on a working day and closure of one of the sites during summer holidays

by Gregor Prajs on 13/03/2014

Luxembourg, March 12th 2014

Subject: CPE organisation: closure on a working day and closure of one of the sites during summer holidays


Dear Ms Benova,

I am writing to you to draw your attention to some aspects within the competence of the OIL.

In summer 2013, the pupils and students from CPE-Kirchberg were transferred to CPE-Mamer during some refurbishment works at Kirchberg.

The parents association has informally been notified that arrangements for the summer holidays 2014 were about to be decided and there is a proposal to again close the CPE on Kirchberg.

The responsible Head of Unit from OIL argued at one of the CCPE meetings that the level of satisfaction was supposedly very high, while the parents association conducted an objective survey that demonstrated the opposite. Also staff committees in respective institutions have expressed their disapproval; it has recently been criticised by the Parliament’s staff committee last Monday.

The parents association has taken the opportunity of the next CA-Lux meeting to inform the CA-Lux representatives about this rather worrying situation and some other more generic issues. You will find the details in annex to this note.

We are worried about possible repercussions on the staff and the institutions, also about possible legal constraints to such a move, not to mention the incompatibility with public policy goals such as reconciliation of private life and work obligations and equality between men and women. As it is enshrined in the CPE Rules, the establishment should “offer parents peace of mind whilst they carry out the duties for which the Institutions and bodies recruited them”. Even now it is problematic, with the OIL refusing to admit children on working days, which are public holidays for the Commission, which is a case again this year for the 17 of April despite of widespread criticism and repeated demands from the administration of the European Parliament, who holds a session on this day.

The arbitrary decision to close the Kirchberg site for two months would add to other decisions which deteriorate the quality and accessibility of childcare services offered by the Commission, would go against the public policy goals promoted by the European Union in the Barcelona objectives and, more specifically, would be difficult to understand in budgetary terms given the recent rise of parental contribution.

Yours faithfully,

For the CPE Parents’ Association

Gabriel Rindone


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Gregor Prajs March 13, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Dear Mr Rindone, dear colleagues,

Thank you for your contribution; the topic is on the agenda of the CALux meeting on 19 March 2014 in EP.

Best wishes,

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