CPE Kirchberg site closure 2014

by Gregor Prajs on 13/03/2014

Dear Colleagues,

As you might know, the OIL is intending to close the Kirchberg site for the summer this year again, and in the years to come as a rule, telling it is because of a “very positive” experience from the last year.

Staff representatives in the CCPE (body that supervises management of the CPE) have heard from their staff that the parents were not happy to have to drive their children to Mamer and back during summer. That is why they came up with the proposal for each staff committee in each institution in Luxembourg to make a survey among their staff and ask the staff to send an email to the OIL with their opinion (see attached).

In the Court of Justice, EIB, Court of Auditors the staff has already been asked (in the Commission it is about to have place this week)

In our institution, our Staff Committee for reasons which I do not follow is unable to take the decision and ask staff for opinion, they are avoiding and quarrelling all the time. The survey has to be done before the OIL communicates its decision to us (possibly in March, so there is no time to waste).

May I ask you to support this idea and send an email to the president of the staff committee requesting the staff committee to send the survey email and give the staff an opportunity to express their opinion?

Below is the email to be sent to the president of the Staff Committee Stefano Guccione (with a copy to AssocParentsCPE@ep.europa.eu). It is in French; please feel free to modify it, write it in English, add some personal touch etc. Also, you may wish to ask your colleagues to do the same and support this idea (even those whose children are in Mamer anyway, it is about the general policy of the OIL not to take account of their clients’ needs).

Thank you very much for your help!



Monsieur le Président du Comité du personnel,

J’ai appris que le personnel de la plupart des institutions européennes basées à Luxembourg a pu participer à une enquête et exprimer ainsi l’opinion des parents concernant la fermeture pendant les grandes vacances du centre pour enfants sur le Plateau de Kirchberg et son transfert pendant cette période vers le village de Mamer.

Je voudrais savoir si le Comité du personnel du Parlement souhaite également procéder de la sorte, car le Centre de la petite enfance soutient que les parents en sont d’accord et qu’il est donc inutile de se pencher sur la question.

Il me parait en effet important de faire en sorte à ce que le personnel du Parlement ayant des enfants puisse également s’exprimer sur la matière, afin de dissiper tout malentendu éventuel, de ne pas rater une occasion saisie dans les autres institutions et, le cas échéant, soutenir solidairement une position commune.

Je vous demanderais de bien vouloir porter cette requête à l’attention des membres du Comité du personnel dans les meilleurs délais et je vous en remercie par avance.

Bien à vous,

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