Asbestos in CPE – our letter to Director of OIL

by Gregor Prajs on 23/10/2013

Dear Director O’Leary ,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Association des Parents du CPE of which I have been recently voted President, Mrs Alexandra Goraj, Vice-President and Mr Gregor Prajs Secretary/Treasurer are in copy on this e-mail , as well as presidents of CCPE and CAS.

The reason of my e-mail, as I am sure you will have guessed, concerns the Asbestos problems faced over the last days at the garderie of Kirchberg. I am sure you are aware of today’s newspaper article in Luxembourg re-emphasising the fears of the parents whose children attend the building concerned.

We understand and thank you for the explanations you have sent us recently, but even though we have no reason to doubt your assertions with regards to the level of asbestos in the building which you qualify as well below any possible threat for the children or the teachers and other personnel’s in this building, I am sure you will understand that this is not enough to convince the parents we all are.

Therefore may I kindly ask you to provide us with the detailed results of the tests performed  (levels stated, time, date, room)  in form of a report made by a service responsible, duly signed and dated.

May I also ask you to share this e-mail with the Head of the Medical unit in charge of such matters, who I believe is Mr Thierry Jadot, as we would appreciate the full medical feedback on this issue specially due to the fact that the building is still opened on a daily basis and that even though the classes concerned have been closed, they are still within meters from classes where our children are.

I thank you in advance for your assistance and look forward to receive your feedback within very short notice.

With Best Regards

Gabriel Rindone

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Gregor Prajs October 24, 2013 at 8:32 am

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